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Mission & Philosophy


Mission: Inspired by St. Damien of Moloka’i, a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Damien High School, an all-boys Catholic school, develops men of Service, Scholarship, and Faith, prepared to engage in a global society.



In the spirit of St. Damien of Moloka’i, Christian Service at Damien High School offers students the opportunity to act beyond the walls of the classroom by taking academic theory and Christian faith into local communities. Christian Service engages students in socially responsible action that offers substantive, compassionate, and faith-filled service that makes a difference in the lives of those served and of those who are serving. As part of the Christian Service experience, students are challenged to take leadership roles in new and ongoing projects in collaboration with organizations working to bring healing, hope, and transformation to those living in our communities.



The faculty and staff of Damien High School provide students with a broad range of opportunities to acquire knowledge and to develop the critical reading and writing skills necessary for future academic success. The emphasis in the curriculum is college preparatory; all students will have met or exceeded the subject requirements for admission to the CSU and UC systems. Upon graduation, students will possess a broad-based knowledge of basic subject matter in required and elective courses. Students learn to analyze, solve, and understand problems, and express their ideas in a clear and meaningful fashion. As part of this process technology is integrated with the curriculum in all classes and at all levels.

The co-curricular development of scholarship, the physical and social development of a Damien student, complements his intellectual development. The program offered at Damien has as its core interscholastic sports, visual arts exhibitions, music and theater performances in the performing arts, and robotics competitions. In addition student may participate in a wide range of clubs and ASB activities. Within these activities, students have opportunities to develop leadership, self-discipline, and a sense of good sportsmanship. The faculty encourages students to participate in such co-curricular activities, because they are an important and rewarding aspect of school life. 



Damien’s primary mission is to teach as Jesus did.  This mission, according to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, calls on faculty to integrate in their teaching the fourfold dimensions of Catholic education: message, community, worship, and service. The faith program, through instruction in theology, faculty witness, retreats, and liturgies, promotes the spiritual growth of Damien students. Within the Catholic tradition, students develop recognition of self-worth and the dignity of others. The school family is a caring faith community that nurtures members in an atmosphere of mutual support. This ministry enables the student to become a confident, self-disciplined, and active participant in the life of the world.

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