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Spartan Football Gameday 

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Visiting Team Guide

Damien Athletics would like to welcome the visiting team and their fans to our campus. 

Ticket/Box Office

Ticket booths will open 1 hours prior to kick-off and are located on the Northwest and Northeast entrances to Dick Larson Stadium.

Damien High School Football TAILGATE POLICIES:

The following policies have been created to ensure the safety of guests and a family-friendly campus environment. All persons and groups

participating in tailgate activities must comply with these policies or their tailgate privileges may be revoked.



  • Tailgating on campus is restricted to home varsity football game days from hours of 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM. There is no tailgating or any type of loitering between the hours of 7:00 PM and the end of the game.

  • One tailgating permit will be given for an area equal to ONE parking spot in the senior lot.

  • Prices are as follows:

  • $10 per game if spots are available on game night.

  • Tailgating is restricted to the senior parking lot in the front of Dick Larson Stadium.

  • No tent poles or stakes may be driven into the ground.

  • No open flames (BBQs).  Only gas or propane.  A working fire extinguisher must be accessible at each separate tailgate party (One for every permit)

  • TRASH - All trash must be taken off the Damien campus at the end of the evening. Please bring your own trash bags.

  • No products (including food, beverages and / or clothing or spirit items) may be sold at your tailgate or anywhere else on campus.

  • No outside food vendors of any kind.



  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the parking lots before, during and after games.  Possession or consumption of alcohol at your tailgate will result in the revocation of your tailgate permit. Refunds will not be issued if a permit is revoked.

  • Profanity, intoxication, aggressive behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for revocation of tailgate privileges and expulsion from the premises.



  • Electricity is unavailable for use in the parking lots.

8/26 / Loyola H.S
7:00 PM


Season Opener

Tailgate Enterainment

9/10 / Orange Lutheran H.S
7:00 PM


Tailgate Enterainment

9/16 / Oak Christian H.S
7:00 PM


Staff Appreciation

Tailgate Enterainment

10/1 / Etiwanda H.S
7:00 PM


Homecoming, Middle School Night

Tailgate Enterainment

10/29 /Rancho Cucumonga H.S
7:00 PM


Senior Night

Tailgate Enterainment

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